Author - Nick Davis

Bevel Trimmer review

If you’re seeking a premium hair trimmer that does more than simply cut or shave hair, the Bevel Trimmer is both cordless and rechargeable. It will provide a comfortable and accurate trimming of hair on your head, face, or body. This trimmer has been made by Walker & Company. It’s been designed to trim super […]

Best Cyber Monday Shaver Deals

Cyber Monday is on the way and it’s time to buy a new shaver. If you don’t think so, take a look at your old men’s shaver. Is it cordless and rechargeable? Most can also be used for wet and dry shaving. If yours lacks any of these abilities, it’s time to shop for a […]

Best Beard Trimmer

Find the best beard trimmer for your face with our carefully selected beard trimmer list. Read our deep beard trimmer reviews to find out which one is for you. Men have options nowadays and that means choosing to go clean-faced or to wear a mustache and beard. In the past it may have been difficult […]