Braun Series 9 Review, Best Shaver of 2024 the Braun Series 9 PRO+

Braun Series 9 Pro+ Review

Braun Series 9 Review

It’s not every day that we stumble upon a grooming tool that truly changes our shaving ritual, but the Braun Series 9 PRO+ is one of those rare finds. As we got our hands on this electric shaver, we noticed the difference right from the get-go.

First Impressions: German Craftsmanship and Performance

Crafted in Germany with precision German engineering, it’s a device that speaks to durability and high-quality performance.

Precision Engineering and Quality Design

Featuring 5 shaving elements, our experience with the Series 9 PRO+ is that it glides over the skin, cutting through multiple-day beard growth with ease.

Initial Experience with the Series 9 PRO+

The integration of a precision ProTrimmer tackled areas like the mustache and sideburns with excellent accuracy.

Advanced Shaving Technology

The claim of skin comfort lived up as well. It was gentle on the face, and we didn’t experience any tugging on longer hairs.

Series 9 Accessories

Our review wouldn’t be complete without highlighting the accessories that come with it.

Precision ProTrimmer for Detailed Grooming

The 6-in-1 SmartCare Center is incredibly convenient, maintaining the razor without a second thought from us.

Skin Comfort and Efficiency

The PowerCase, which not only protects the razor but charges it, too, is another notable feature. Speaking of charge, the 60-minute Li-Ion battery is a feature we appreciate, ensuring that we’re not left hanging mid-shave.

Versatility and Adaptability

Whether we prefer shaving dry or with gel for a wet shave, this electric razor is versatile. Plus, its waterproof design allows for quick and easy cleaning.

Conclusion: The Braun Series 9 PRO+ Review

We’ve found the Braun Series 9 PRO+ to be a cutting-edge gadget in the realm of men’s grooming. The close shave, combined with the convenience of the SmartCare Center, makes it a worthy investment.

For those seeking a state-of-the-art electric shaver that promises both performance and precision, we suggest giving this one a serious look.

Ready to transform your shaving experience? Get your Braun Series 9 PRO+ and enjoy the superior craftsmanship and comfort.

Braun Series 9 – Table of Contents

Braun Series 9 PRO+ Men’s Electric Razor Overview

  • Advanced Shaving Performance:
    • Excelling in handling various beard lengths.
    • Features five shaving elements for comprehensive coverage.
  • Precision Trimming:
    • Integrated ProTrimmer for grooming hard-to-reach areas like under the nose and around sideburns.
  • SmartCare Center:
    • Easy maintenance and hygiene with a simple button press.
    • Enhances user convenience.
  • Travel-Friendly:
    • PowerCase provides an extra 60 minutes of shaving time.
    • Ideal for travel.
  • Durability and Quality:
    • German engineering and titanium coating.
    • Ensures razor’s longevity and toughness.
  • Versatile Shaving Options:
    • Fully waterproof design.
    • Allows for both wet and dry shaves.

Experiencing the Braun Series 9 PRO+ firsthand, we immediately noticed its prowess on various beard lengths. The razor features a symphony of five shaving elements that tackle every contour and follicle with ease. For those hard-to-reach areas like under the nose or around the sideburns, the integrated ProTrimmer offers commendable precision.

As regular users, we appreciate the convenience of the SmartCare Center, which maintains razor hygiene and readiness with a simple button press. Traveling with this electric shaver is a breeze, too, thanks to the PowerCase, providing an additional 60 minutes of shaving time, a huge plus for us.

Toughness is married with technology as the Series 9 PRO+ boasts German engineering and a titanium coating, confirming our trust in its longevity. With a fully waterproof design, it offers flexibility for wet and dry shaves – something we find essential for any high-end razor today.

In sum, the Series 9 PRO+ from Braun not only captures the essence of a top-tier electric razor but also justifies its place in the daily grooming ritual. Whether it’s the daily touch-up or tackling a week’s worth of growth, we’ve experienced managing all with finesse and comfort.

Synchronized Shaving Elements

In my opinion, a vital aspect of our daily grooming routine is the quality of our shave, and the Braun Series 9 excels with its synchronized shaving elements. We’ve found that these elements work together to provide a close and comfortable shave without the need for multiple passes, which can save time in the morning rush.

The device is designed with a combination of foil and cutting elements that adapt to our facial contours. As we glide the shaver across our skin, each element captures different types of hair growth, from dense beards to fine stubble. This synchronized action results in a smooth shave that’s both thorough and gentle on the skin.

Meanwhile, the integration of a beard trimmer helps in detailing areas like sideburns and mustaches. It’s a feature that we’ve found particularly handy when precision is key. Despite the high level of design, no product is without its limitations, and depending on your beard density and skin type, the experience can vary.

Nevertheless, the shaver’s wet and dry capabilities mean we can enjoy its use in the shower with foam or gel, adding an extra layer of convenience and skin protection. Our experiences with this electric razor suggest it’s a reliable tool for daily shaving, living up to Braun’s reputation for quality grooming appliances.

Precision ProTrimmer

With the Braun Series 9 at hand, shaving takes on a new level of efficiency. In our observations, the unit’s built-in Precision ProTrimmer shines particularly when tackling those areas that demand extra attention, like mustache and sideburns. The trimmer’s performance is a standout, managing to be precise even under the nose.

A common frustration with many shavers is their inability to deal with longer hairs without multiple passes. Here, the Series 9 steps up with a design that captures tricky hairs in a single stroke, speaking to both the comfort and speed of the shave. Although some electric shavers struggle with various hair lengths, we found this one adept across the board, from stubble to a week’s growth.

We can’t ignore the craftsmanship that speaks to the German heritage of the brand. With a titanium-coated body, it’s assured to be a staple in your grooming kit for years of effortless maintenance, with its SmartCare Center arguably adding to this longevity. Despite these features, this shaver doesn’t come without its drawbacks. Cost could be a deciding factor, and some users may find it doesn’t outperform previous models to the extent they expected.

Nonetheless, whether you are getting ready for work in a rush or planning a thorough grooming session, the Braun Series 9 Pro+, with its Pro Trimmer, stands out as a reliable companion. It delivers what it promises – a quick, comfortable, wet or dry shave tailored for modern men’s needs.

6-in-1 SmartCare Center

In our hands-on time with the Braun Series 9 PRO+ electric shaver, its 6-in-1 SmartCare Center stood out as a notable feature. This center notably extends the life of the razor by providing a one-stop station for cleaning, lubricating, and drying with just a press of a button. Let us focus on the practicality of this accessory; maintaining premium electric razors, like the Braun Series 9 PRO+, often requires meticulous care to ensure their longevity and performance.

The convenience factor here is significant – after each use, we simply place the shaver into the SmartCare Center, and it manages all aspects of maintenance. No hassle, no fuss. It’s a remarkable convenience that we found to be a massive plus for those leading busy lives or for anyone who values efficiency in their grooming routine.

Imagine finishing your morning routine and docking your shaver, knowing it will be cleaned, charged, and ready for the next use without the need for manual cleaning or oil application. It’s that automatic process that we feel elevates the Braun Series 9 PRO+ from a simple shaving tool to a comprehensive grooming system.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. Practically, the SmartCare Center will take up some counter space and require the use of Braun’s proprietary cleaning cartridge, which results in an ongoing investment to keep the station operational.

In summary, our collective experience has proven that while the added cost and space consideration might be seen as downsides, the 6-in-1 SmartCare Center provides undeniable convenience that complements and enhances the overall experience with the Braun Series 9 PRO+ electric shaver.

Durable and Waterproof Design

When we get our hands on a product that promises longevity in its build, it immediately piques our curiosity. The Braun Series 9 PRO+ shaver is one such item that stands up to the rigors of daily use. Our experience highlights that this razor can withstand the occasional drop without a hitch, and it doesn’t falter in wet conditions, which is exactly what we expect from a high-tier grooming device.

Its waterproof nature is not just for show. We’ve found that using it in the shower, with gels and foams, doesn’t compromise its functionality. In fact, for those of us who prefer that quick morning routine, the ability to combine showering and shaving is a real time-saver. The Series 9 isn’t just shower-safe; it’s built to an IPX7 standard, meaning it can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes.

Despite this robustness, the razor maintains a sleek and professional appearance. If you’ve ever had concerns about durability and versatility, the Braun Series 9 PRO+ has addressed them head-on. The waterproof design offers us peace of mind and flexibility, though we should always handle our devices with care to maintain their optimum performance.

Battery Life and PowerCase

When we consider the practicality of using an electric shaver, battery performance stands out as a crucial factor. Our experience with the Braun Series 9 Pro+ was notable for its consistent runtime. While Braun boasts a 60-minute battery life, we found the actual usage to align closely with this claim. It’s sufficient for multiple shaves, making it a reliable companion, especially if you’re often on the go.

Another key advantage is the innovative PowerCase that comes with the Braun razor. This compact charging case is not just about safe storage; it also provides an additional charge. That means even when you’re away from your charging station, you still have that backup power to ensure your shaver is ready. During a weekend trip, the PowerCase proved to be a practical accessory that kept our electric shaver powered without the need for cords or outlets.

However, it’s important to mention that the PowerCase does add extra bulk, so if you’re aiming for minimal baggage, this could be a downside. But for us, the trade-off of extra size for extended battery life is worth it. Plus, the PowerCase has a sleek design that complements the shaver’s aesthetic, staying true to Braun’s attention to detail in form and function.

Lastly, Braun’s electric shaver features wet and dry capabilities, which didn’t affect the battery life significantly in our testing. Shaving in the shower was just as efficient, and we came out with the same close shave without worrying about draining the battery too quickly. This versatility is a testament to the thoughtfulness Braun put into the product design.

Pros and Cons about Braun Series 9


  1. High-Quality Shave: The Braun Series 9 PRO+ offers top-notch shave quality with its 5 shaving elements, effectively handling even 7-day beards.
  2. ProTrimmer Feature: Useful for sculpting around mustache and sideburns, and adept at navigating tricky areas like under the nose.
  3. SmartCare Center: A convenient feature for cleaning, lubricating, and drying the shaver, enhancing its performance and longevity.
  4. Durability: Built in Germany with a titanium coating, ensuring a long-lasting product.
  5. Waterproof Design: Rated IPX7, suitable for both wet and dry use, versatile for shower or on-the-go shaving.
  6. PowerCase: A travel case that also acts as a charger, providing an additional 60 minutes of runtime, great for last-minute touch-ups.


  1. High Cost: The Braun Series 9 is a premium product with a significant price tag, representing a considerable investment.
  2. Cumbersome Cleaning/Charging Unit: Some users may find the exclusive unit bulky, especially if they prefer simplicity or have limited space.
  3. Not a Complete Razor Replacement: For some, it may not fully replace a traditional razor because any electric shaver requires multiple passes for the same closeness.
  4. Expensive Replacement Heads: The ongoing cost of replacement heads can add up, which is important to consider in the total lifetime cost.
  5. Travel Unfriendliness of Cleaning Unit: Despite the PowerCase, the cleaning and charging unit is not the most travel-friendly.


After spending some quality time with the Braun Series 9 PRO+, here are the merits that stood out to us. Firstly, the shave quality is top-notch. With its 5 shaving elements, it consistently delivered a close shave, tackling even 7-day beards with precision. The ProTrimmer is a handy addition, especially for sculpting around the mustache and sideburns. Plus, I found the ProTrimmer quite adept at navigating the tricky areas under the nose.

The SmartCare Center is a convenient feature – it’s like having a mini barber shop at home. A single press cleans, lubricates, and dries the shaver, enhancing its performance and longevity. The fact that the shaver is built in Germany and boasts a titanium coating assures us of its durability.

Moreover, its waterproof design (rated IPX7) makes it versatile for both wet and dry use, suitable whether you’re in the shower or on the go. Speaking of on-the-go, the included PowerCase isn’t just a travel case. It doubles as a charger, offering an additional 60 minutes of runtime – a lifesaver for last-minute touch-ups.


On the other side, we’ve spotted several drawbacks. Though the performance is high, so is the cost, which can be a significant investment for anyone not ready to plunge into the premium end of electric shavers. This Braun model is on the pricier side, and while it is often available on Amazon with occasional discounts, it’s still a considerable outlay.

Additionally, some users may find the shaver’s exclusive cleaning and charging unit a bit cumbersome – particularly if one favors simplicity or has limited counter space. It’s not the most travel-friendly in that regard, despite the PowerCase.

Also important to note, while most users find the shave quality exceptional, it may not be a complete replacement for the traditional razor, especially for those who prefer a manual shave. With any electric razor, It might take a few passes to achieve the same level of closeness, which, for some, may not equate to the shaver’s higher price point.

Lastly, replacement heads aren’t cheap. Considering they’re an ongoing cost, it’s something to factor into the total lifetime cost of owning this unit. We always recommend checking the availability and price of replacement parts before committing to the initial purchase to avoid any surprises down the line.

Braun Series 9 Reviews from Customers

Based on our thorough analysis, the Braun Series 9 Pro+ electric shaver has garnered positive attention, with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 from 35 ratings. Users consistently praise its performance for delivering a smooth, close shave across various beard thicknesses. The PowerCase and 60-min battery life have also been well-received, enhancing the convenience of on-the-go grooming.

However, not every experience is identical. Some customers found that although the razor is good, it didn’t exceed expectations when compared to previous models in the series. This sentiment isn’t widespread but is worth noting for those looking for a significant upgrade.

A few highlights from our experience and customer feedback:

  • Quick charge: The razor charges rapidly, ensuring it’s ready for use almost anytime.
  • Wet and Dry Versatility: Suitable for both foam and gel, this flexibility has been a plus for us and many others.
  • Sophisticated Design: The sleek, ergonomic build sits comfortably in the hand, a detail we and others appreciate.
  • All-in-One Cleaning: The SmartCare Center has made maintenance hassle-free and effective.
  • Longevity Concerns: There have been occasional comments on the durability of the trimmer attachment. It remains a point to consider if you prioritize an all-in-one grooming tool.

Our conclusion mirrors the general customer sentiment – the Braun Series 9 Pro+ is a premium electric shaver with compelling features, though the cost may not justify the upgrade for every user.

Conclusion about the Braun Series 9

After spending some quality time shaving with the Braun Series 9 PRO+, it’s clear this electric shaver is a cut above the rest. Equipped with an impressive roster, from the 5 Shave Elements to the SmartCare Center, it promises a shaving experience that’s both smooth and precise. Our session left us with a comfortable, close shave, and the added convenience of the Wet & Dry features meant we could shave in or out of the shower.

However, we found that while it delivers in many areas, the Series 9 PRO+ isn’t without its drawbacks. The trimmer didn’t live up to the prowess of the rest in our tests, which might disappoint those who need meticulous detail for their beard or sideburns. And let’s talk about the PowerCase: it’s a nifty addition, but considering the cost, we thought it could feel sturdier.

The 60 min Battery is quite a champion, getting us through many shaves on a single charge, and the quick charge feature proved handy during tight mornings. Customer opinions are varied, though sentiments lean positive, highlighting its shaving prowess and battery life. Some longtime Braun users aren’t fully convinced by the upgrade, but new adopters are reveling in the quality of shave.

Is it worth the investment? If you’re after a shaver that offers top-notch performance and time-saving technology, this may just be your new grooming ally. But if you’re watching your budget or need a razor that excels at fine detail work, weigh your options. Our verdict: for those seeking efficiency and premium quality in their daily routine, the Braun Series 9 PRO+ is a contender worthy of consideration.

Braun Series 9 – Frequently Asked Questions

Having had hands-on time with the latest model from Braun’s stellar lineup, we’ve compiled some of the most common curiosities that prospective buyers may have regarding this high-end grooming gadget. The Braun Series 9 PRO+ is designed to tackle shaving challenges with ease and cater to a variety of grooming needs. Let’s address these inquiries and offer insights from our experience.

How does the Braun 9 Pro differ from the standard Braun Series 9 models?

In our use, we’ve found that the Series 9 PRO+ distinguishes itself with an improvement in the quality of materials and technology. While both offer exceptional shaving experience, the PRO+ version features a titanium-coated trimmer designed to handle coarse hair with even greater mastery. It’s an upgrade aimed at enhanced durability and a touch of elegance.

What are the main differences between the Braun Series 9 and Braun Series 8 shavers?

When comparing the Braun Series 9 to its predecessor, the Series 8, several enhancements stand out. Primarily, the Series 9 provides an additional cutting element that optimizes the shaving process, especially on dense beards. The Series 9 also boasts a more advanced battery life, offering 60 minutes of runtime, thus affirming its position at the pinnacle of the Braun electric razors lineup.

Can the Braun Series 9 be used effectively for grooming sensitive areas?

Our experience confirms that the Braun Series 9 is quite adept at gentle grooming. Thanks to its flexible shaving head and SkinGuard, it’s capable of providing comfort without sacrificing the closeness of the shave. This feature is particularly beneficial for those of us with sensitive skin or those looking to maintain delicate areas without irritation.

How often should the shaving head of a Braun Series 9 be replaced?

On average, the replacement of the shaving head is suggested every 18 months. However, this can vary based on the frequency and manner of usage. We always advise users to keep an eye on the performance and replace the head as soon as there’s a noticeable drop in efficiency to maintain the shaver’s high standard of performance.

What distinguishes the Braun Series 9 from the Series 7 in terms of features and performance?

The jump from Braun Series 7 to the Series 9 translates into an advanced shaving experience. Not only does the Series 9 feature more cutting elements and a titanium-coated trimmer but it is also equipped with Sonic Technology that adapts power to the density of your beard. These upgrades contribute to a faster shave and heightened comfort level, as we’ve observed.

Where can I find the best deals on the Braun Series 9 shavers?

Based on our monitoring, we suggest looking for deals at major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Costco, where promotions are frequent. Additionally, checking the Braun website for special offers and registering for their email list can result in exclusive discounts. During the winter holiday season and Black Friday events, chances to save significantly increase, so keeping a close eye can lead to the best value for your money.

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