Can you share Manscaped?

Share Manscaped

No, you should not share Manscaped unless you change the blade heads between uses or disinfect the blades completely. This is because sharing Manscaped can potentially lead to the transmission of skin-eating bacteria, which could have serious health consequences.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to keep your groomer clean and disinfected. This can be done quickly by regularly washing the blades and attachments with warm water, soap, and rubbing alcohol.

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What is Manscaped, and why should you not share it

Manscaped is a grooming tool that allows you to remove unwanted hair from your pubic area with ease. However, sharing groomers can also transmit hazardous bacteria to you if you use them after someone else. This bacteria can cause skin infections and other serious health issues, so it is essential to keep your groomer clean and disinfected between uses.

To ensure the safety of yourself and your partners, you should use different blade heads and take steps like regularly washing the blades and attachments with warm water and soap and using rubbing alcohol to disinfect them. With proper care and maintenance, you can confidently share Manscaped and enjoy a smooth, clean pubic area.

How to clean and disinfect your trimmer

Cleaning and disinfecting your trimmer is important for several reasons.

First, using a clean trimmer helps to reduce the risk of spreading harmful bacteria, which can cause skin infections and other serious health issues.

Additionally, keeping your Manscaped trimmer clean makes it more effective at removing unwanted body hair, allowing you to achieve a smoother shave with greater ease.

Soap and Water

If you’re in a hurry or only need to touch something up, washing the blade with soap and water will suffice. Get a dollop of dish soap on the blade and run it under warm water. Then, rub the blade down with your fingers or cloth, making sure to get into all crevices, before scrubbing the tips of the blades with a brush.

It doesn’t matter which dish soap you use they all work for this purpose.


You can either soak them in 70% isopropyl alcohol or, if you’re in a hurry, pour some into a cap and turn the clippers on. Then, drop the blade’s tip into the liquid for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Doing this will ensure that your blades are clean and sterile.


Barbicide is the standard for professionals in the hair industry. That little blue liquid container you see on barber’s counters? Yeah, that’s Barbicide. It sanitizes hair styling tools. If you want to clean your blades, mix 1 fl oz/30 ml Barbicide with 16 fl oz/470 ml of water in a glass cup or bowl big enough to let your blades soak for at least 10 minutes. When it’s time to finish up, rinse the clipper blades under water. This will disinfect them.


If you’re looking for a way to clean your clipper blade, vinegar is a great option. Submerge your blade in vinegar for 30 seconds, then rinse it off and dry it with a towel. If there’s hair stuck to your blades, you can also run the clipper in a shallow bowl of vinegar to remove it.

How often should you change Manscaped blades?

For those who only manscape occasionally, the blade may last up to a year. Those who manscape daily will need to replace their blades monthly. According to the company, Manscaped blades last three months, though this varies depending on how frequently and intensely you groom.

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