Author - Nick Davis

Where is Manscaped made?

Where is Manscaped made?

Manscaped’s Lawn Mowers are made in China, but wet and consumable products are made in San Diego, California. Manscaped has an unwavering commitment to delivering the best products, evidenced by its strict in-house R&D team, whose mission is always to strive for quality without compromise. Their products are crafted with great care and attention to […]

Is Manscaped better wet or dry?

Manscaped wet or dry

Dry is better because dry trims generally tend to have more precise results, but using Manscaped on wet hair is better for you if you have sensitive skin. When your hair is wet, the trimming process will be very different. Your hair is longer and smoother in a shower environment than dry. This means that […]

Where is Manscaped based?

Manscaped company based

Manscaped is based in San Diego, California. 10054 Old Grove Rd, San Diego, CA 92131, United States. Founded in 2016 by Paul Tran, Manscaped has quickly become one of the leading providers of men’s grooming products and tools. With a mission to help men achieve their best-looking bodies and feel confident and self-assured, They offers […]

Can you share Manscaped?

Share Manscaped

No, you should not share Manscaped unless you change the blade heads between uses or disinfect the blades completely. This is because sharing Manscaped can potentially lead to the transmission of skin-eating bacteria, which could have serious health consequences. To prevent this from happening, it is important to keep your groomer clean and disinfected. This […]

Did Shark Tank invest in Manscaped?

Manscaped in Shark Tank

No Shark Tank did not invest in Manscaped. Although the deal seemed to be completed on the show, according to Mark Cuban, it never went through. Despite this, Manscaped has continued to grow in popularity and is now one of the leading brands in male grooming. Whether Shark Tank invested in Manscaped or not, this […]

Can I use Manscaped in the shower?

Manscaped in the shower

Yes, you can use Manscaped in the shower. The Lawn Mower is designed for use in the shower and features a waterproof design that ensures it can be left in your shower daily without worry. With its ceramic blade head and diamond textured no-slip grip, Manscaped trimmer makes grooming quick and easy, even when you’re […]

Manscaped partnership with The Testicular Cancer Society

Manscaped partnership with The Testicular Cancer Society

Manscaped’s partnership with The Testicular Cancer Society is a great initiative to raise awareness about the dangers of testicular cancer and provide support for those affected by this disease. Manscaped works with The Testicular Cancer Society to promote information on early detection and treatment option and resources for coping with the impact of testicular cancer […]

Manscaped Humor-based marketing

Manscaped humor-based marketing

Manscaped is a unique company that creates innovative marketing campaigns based on humor. They have invented the concept of using humor to connect with their customers and make more loyal customers. Manscaped is a good and fast-growing company founded in 2016 by Paul Tran. This pioneering business develops humorous marketing campaigns based on puns and […]

Is Manscaped actually any good?

Manscaped good

Yes, Manscaped is good for handling body grooming from head to toe. The products have generally been well-received by users, who say they are easy to use and make grooming the pubic area much simpler. Also, Manscaped’s customer service has an outstanding rating compared to other brands. Some have criticized the company for disgustingly marketing […]

Does Manscaped cut your balls?

Manscaped cut your balls?

No, Manscaped does not cut your balls, and it is safe if you use it with safety guards. Manscaped Lawn Mower is a trimmer designed specifically for the groin area. The safety guards help reduce the chance of nicks and cuts. However, without the guard, there is a higher chance Manscaped cut your balls, but […]