How close of a shave is Manscaped?

How close of a shave is manscaped

Manscaped Lawn Mower trimmer can cut down to 0.6mm, offering close shaved results with minimal risk of producing ingrown hairs as it is not a fixed razor blade. However, the Lawn Mower trimmer cannot provide as close of a shave as a traditional razor blade due to its “skin-safe” technology.

To achieve close-shaved results, use the groomer without the guard. The users must trust the trimmer and apply enough pressure for an even close-shave finish. However, remember that close shaving often results in coarser ball stubble, so regularly trimming or softening the stubble is necessary.

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Introduce Manscaped and its Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer

Manscaped is an American-based male grooming company that provides tools and products to achieve close-shaven results in any body part, especially the balls and groin area.

The Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer is Manscaped’s flagship product, featuring advanced “skin-safe” technology that allows it to safely shave close enough without the risk of razor burn or ingrown hairs.

The trimmer also has an adjustable guard that allows users to trim close enough for a close shave but not as close as a traditional razor blade. Manscaped’s products help men feel confident and look their best without sacrificing comfort and safety.

Manscaped blades

Manscaped blades are uniquely patented with “skin-safe” technology that prevents razor burn and ingrown hairs. This technology is made possible due to the trimmer’s unique ceramic material, which works with the groomer to cut close enough for a close trim without the risk of cuts or nicks.

How long do Manscaped blades last?

Generally, Manscaped blades last up to three months, but the duration may vary depending on your grooming habits. If you use it only sparingly, these blades can last for an entire year! However, if you groom yourself daily, then be sure to replace the blade every month to maintain optimal results frequently.

Blade guard

The trimmer also features a replaceable guard that allows the user to adjust the cutting length and create the desired close-shave finish.

SkinSafe Technology

Manscaped’s SkinSafe Technology is a unique feature that ensures close shaves with minimal risk of razor burn or ingrown hairs. The ceramic blades equipped with SkinSafe technology, which is just 3mm from the blade’s edge and precisely crafted for below-the-waist hair removal, provide you with complete assurance. But remember: as per their page, this technology does not guarantee cut protection.

Discuss techniques for achieving close-shaved results with the trimmer

Using the proper technique to achieve close-shaved results with the trimmer is essential. Start by removing any guard attachments on the trimmer and applying light pressure while running it against the direction of hair growth. Do not press too hard, and take your time to avoid any accidental cuts or nicks. It is also important to check the trimmer after each pass to ensure it is working correctly.

Differences between traditional razor blades and Manscaped

Standard razor blades can shave as close to the skin as 0 mm, but the Manscaped trimmer will only cut down to 0.6mm. Additionally, conventional razor blades have a higher chance of producing nicks and cuts due to the close-shave nature of their design. The Manscaped trimmer is designed to be much gentler on the skin with its SkinSafe Technology.

Can you use Manscaped without a guard?

Absolutely, you can shave with Manscaped without a guard, but beware! The risks of nicks and cuts increase. Fortunately, the folks at Manscaped have worked hard to engineer products that promote safety while delivering an effortless trimming experience. Their SkinSafe Technology uses ceramic blades, making it ideal for those seeking precision on tricky areas of the body.


In conclusion, The Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer can safely provide close-shaved results, but it should not be expected to achieve the same close shave as a traditional razor blade. Regular trimming must also be done to maintain smooth skin and manage coarser stubble growth.

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