Braun Series 8 Review. Close Shave, Unique Sonic Technology, SmartCare Center, and Precision Beard Trimmer for Wet and Dry Hair Removal

Braun Series 8 Review. Close Shave, Unique Sonic Technology, SmartCare Center, and Precision Beard Trimmer for Wet and Dry Hair Removal

Braun Series 8 Review

We recently tried the Braun Series 8, a next-generation electric shaver, and it caught our attention with its sleek design and promises of precise shaving and skin comfort. Shaving with Braun’s signature technology has always been impressive, but this model takes it up a notch. Its intelligent adaptation to beard density and skin contact is engineered to yield a close shave without compromising comfort, even in hard-to-reach areas.

German engineering is at the heart of this foil shaver, crafted to serve for at least seven years. We found the 10,000 Sonic vibrations particularly interesting – they help the shaver glide smoothly over the skin. This razor can be used for both wet and dry shaving, which suits our various preferences perfectly.

While using the Braun Series 8, we appreciated that the battery life has improved by 20% compared to the Series 7. The Pro display with a performance dashboard allows easy monitoring of the shaver’s status, adding a convenient touch for daily use.

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Bottom Line

Our overall impression of the Braun Series 8 is quite positive. It scores highly on delivering a seamless shave that combines precision with skin comfort.

Durable and equipped with innovative features, it’s a serious contender if you’re seeking a top-quality electric shaver.

Unveiling the Braun Series 8: A Shaving Revolution

In our thorough use of the Braun Series 8, we’ve noticed it stands out for its precision and comfort. The shaver adapts seamlessly to the contours of the face, tackling dense beards with ease. Its 10,000 micro-vibrations are significant, providing a gentle yet effective glide over the skin. The Series 8’s performance on both wet and dry skin is commendable, and its extended battery life, a 20% improvement over the Series 7, is a welcome enhancement.

While testing the shaver, it became apparent why it’s recommended by the Skin Health Alliance – its design reduces skin irritation substantially. We appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into the travel case, a handy accessory for those of us who are frequently on the go. It’s reassuring to know that Braun engineers these razors in Germany with the promise of durability, aimed to last seven years.

Feedback from users echoes our experience; the shave is indeed close and clean. Though the blades require periodic replacement, consumers find this maintenance reasonable for the quality of the shave provided. One of the notable improvements over the Series 7, as reported by users, is the reduced mess during shaving, thanks to the efficient capture of stubble.

Overall, while no electric shaver entirely replaces the closeness of traditional blades, the Braun Series 8 8330s comes impressively close. It’s an investment for those who prioritize skin comfort and are looking for a reliable, long-lasting electric razor.

Effortless Precision for a Flawless Shave

When we consider the experience of shaving, there’s a fine balance between the closeness of the shave and the comfort it provides. The Braun Series 8 is engineered to strike this balance with expertise. Its intelligent shaving system automatically adjusts to the density of your beard, ensuring a precise shave without compromising skin comfort. We’ve found that even in those hard-to-reach areas, this shaver maintains its precision, which is a testament to its thoughtful design.

It’s worth noting that the shaver is adept for both wet and dry use, and with the added convenience of being cordless, it’s versatile and adaptable to our needs. Moreover, the 10,000 Sonic vibrations that Braun Series 8 produces not only aid in capturing more hair with each stroke but also enhance the glide over the skin, reducing irritation. In our tests, this translated to a smooth shaving experience, even when dealing with varying beard lengths and textures.

In terms of longevity, the razor holds its charge impressively, offering a 20% increase in battery life over its predecessor, the Series 7. The Advanced Pro display is a clever addition as well, adding to the usability by keeping us accurately informed of the shaver’s status. Overall, it’s a solid investment for those of us looking for a reliable, high-performance shaver that can handle the rigors of daily use with ease.

Innovative Sonic Vibrations For Ultimate Skin Comfort

After trying out the Braun Series 8 shaver, we noticed the ingenious use of sonic vibrations during our shave. It’s evident the 10,000 Sonic vibrations work to ensure the shaver head glides smoothly across the skin, minimizing irritation and maximizing comfort. When maneuvering over contoured areas of the face, these vibrations help the razor adapt efficiently, maintaining a consistent and pleasurable shaving experience.

In our opinion, this feature is particularly beneficial for those of us with sensitive skin, as it noticeably reduces the risk of redness and razor burn. The comfort level is indeed a step up from traditional electric shavers, with the Series 8 managing to deliver a close shave without the discomfort that often accompanies the process.

Although the sonic vibrations are designed for comfort, it’s important to mention that this does not compromise the shave’s precision—quite the opposite. The ability to capture more hair with gentle, efficient strokes remains impressive with the Series 8, even when dealing with denser areas of beard growth. It allows us to achieve a clean, close shave, and its adaptability to wet or dry use is a testament to its versatility.

To sum it up, the Braun Series 8 incorporates innovative sonic technology that helps deliver a comfortable yet effective shaving session. It strikes a fine balance, offering a gentle approach to the skin while ensuring a performance that lives up to the expectations of a premium shaver.

Versatility in Shaving: Wet or Dry Use

When we look for flexibility in a shaver, the Braun Series 8 stands out with its ability to adapt to both wet and dry shaving environments. In my opinion, having the freedom to shave right out of the shower or do a quick dry shave before heading out is a significant benefit. This electric shaver glides smoothly over the skin, regardless of whether you use it on a dry face or with shaving foam in the shower—it’s waterproof, after all.

According to many users, the Series 8 handles both scenarios effectively, ensuring a close and comfortable shave without the irritation some other shavers might cause, especially on sensitive skin. I’ve found that it maintains consistent performance, which speaks volumes about the quality of its build and technology. Whether you’re looking to maintain a beard or go for a clean shave, this electric shaver adjusts to your face’s contours, which is crucial in our grooming routines.

Using the Braun Series 8 has demonstrated its strengths in handling facial hair, whether you’ve got a day’s stubble or a week’s growth. Despite a few instances where it might miss a hair or two, requiring another pass, the overall effectiveness is commendable. It’s not perfect—no shaver is—but when we weigh up its adaptability across wet and dry conditions, it’s a solid performer that I’d confidently include in our grooming arsenal.

Engineered for Longevity: Made in Germany Quality

Having just experienced the Braun Series 8, it’s apparent that the craftsmanship synonymous with the “Made in Germany” tag has been meticulously upheld. Our usage confirms that the build quality is robust and designed to deliver up to seven years of top-notch performance, as the brand promises. This level of durability is exactly what we have come to expect from German engineering.

In our time with the Series 8, we’ve noticed the shaver handles the contours of the face with ease, thanks to the precision head that was quite adept at catching hairs in challenging areas. A noticeable feature was the sonic vibrations that assisted the razor in gliding smoothly across the skin, which is a nod to the German attention to detail for skin comfort, even when used for a dry shave.

It’s a rechargeable unit, and the upgraded battery life is admirable—with a 20% increase over its predecessor, the Series 7. However, some users may find the need to replace the blades every 8-12 months, overlapping with typical use cases and not unique to this device.

Certainly, not everything is perfect—some users have noted a decline in cutting quality over time, suggesting potentially inconsistent durability in the blade mechanism between units. Despite this, the consensus largely leans towards an impressive, long-lasting shave experience.

Overall, our impression aligns with the general user feedback: while the upfront cost might be a consideration, the Series 8’s quality and longevity offer genuine value for those seeking a reliable electric shaver.

Braun Series 8 Pros and Cons

Having recently put the Braun Series 8 to the test, we’ve observed its performance in various conditions and with different facial hair types. Here’s our take on its strengths and weaknesses.


  • Closeness of Shave: Our experience matches the claims—this shaver glides over the skin with ease, and the results are quite impressive. It adeptly adapts to beard density, ensuring that both fine and dense hair is cut closely.
  • Skin Comfort: Those with sensitive skin will appreciate the gentle touch of the Braun Series 8. It utilizes unique sonic technology, which produces 10,000 vibrations to minimize irritation.
  • Versatility: Whether you prefer a quick dry shave or a more traditional wet shave with foam, this electric shaver handles both scenarios effortlessly.
  • Battery Life: A notable improvement over previous models. A 20% increase in battery life means fewer charges and more convenience.
  • Build Quality: Holding this razor, you can tell it’s made with German precision. It feels sturdy in hand, a quality appliance through and through.


  • Price Tag: The upfront cost is on the higher end. While the performance is excellent, the initial investment may deter some potential users.
  • Replacement Parts: Our usage suggests that to maintain peak performance, the blades and foil may need to be replaced periodically—adding to the long-term cost.
  • Complexity for New Users: Due to its advanced features and design, there might be a slight learning curve for those transitioning from more basic models.
  • Travel Case Quality: Although it comes with a travel case, it seems somewhat inconsistent with the shaver’s premium build—a minor detail, but worth noting for those who travel frequently.

In conclusion, we find the Braun Series 8 electric shaver to be a top-tier grooming tool. Its few downsides are far outweighed by its excellent performance, particularly for those with sensitive skin or who require a fast yet thorough shaving experience.

Customer Testimonials: Real Experiences with the Braun Series 8

From our thorough observation of user feedback, the Braun Series 8 electric shaver has garnered a mix of admiration and criticism. A considerable number of users expressed satisfaction with the shaver’s performance, especially highlighting its gentleness on sensitive skin. Users often reference the considerable battery life, with many stating it rivals or exceeds expectations compared to previous models they’ve owned. The consensus suggests that for the majority, this shaver offers a notably clean and smooth shave.

Nevertheless, some point out that the cost, while generally aligned with the industry standards for high-end shavers, doesn’t guarantee an unparalleled shaving experience. A few testimonials hint at a decline in cutting prowess over time or when compared to its siblings in the Braun range. These accounts suggest that while the Series 8 performs well, it can sometimes fall short in aspects of durability and longevity.

Based on user experience, it’s evident that the Series 8 is a solid choice for daily use, appreciated for its wet and dry capabilities and the convenience of its travel case. Its performance on a variety of beard lengths and types seems to live up to the expectations set by the Braun brand. Though it’s not free from occasional critique, it maintains a reputation for being a reliable grooming tool. It’s crucial for potential buyers to weigh these real experiences against their personal needs and preferences.

Conclusion about the Braun Series 8

Having spent ample time with the Braun Series 8 shaver, our impressions are largely positive. Its performance on various beard types—from the densest to the finest—is commendable. The Series 8 shaves close to the skin without causing irritation, a significant advantage for those of us with sensitive skin. The cleaning system it incorporates is not only convenient but also ensures the razor remains in top condition after each use.

However, it’s worth noting that while it boasts a sleek design and the promise of a quick shave, it might fall short of the closeness one would get from a traditional blade, something we’ve found true for most electric shavers. Though the price may be steep, considering the longevity and the quality of the shave offered, it strikes us as a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to streamline their grooming routine.

Battery life is impressive, and the wet/dry versatility makes it a versatile tool in our grooming arsenal. While the shaver is generally reliable, some users report diminished performance over time, which could hint at a need for periodic blade replacement. Despite this, the overall feedback from users mirrors our experience. This is a high-quality shaver that balances advanced features with a user-friendly experience.

Braun Series 8 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the key differences between Braun Series 8 and Series 9 shavers?

In our experience, the Series 9 is positioned as a more advanced model in comparison to the Series 8. The Series 9 may boast additional features like enhanced shaving elements and closer contact with facial contours. However, the Series 8 provides excellent performance and might offer better value for those who don’t require the latest features.

What improvements does Braun Series 8 offer over Series 7?

The Series 8 shavers are a step up from the Series 7, with notable enhancements:

  • Increased Battery Life: 20% improvement for longer usage.
  • Sonic Technology: 10,000 micro-vibrations aid in capturing more hair.
  • Pro Display: The advanced interface provides a detailed performance dashboard.

These improvements are designed to deliver a more efficient and comfortable shave.

How long is the expected lifespan of a Braun Series 8 shaver?

Based on the manufacturer’s details, a Braun Series 8 razor is engineered to last for 7 years. However, the actual lifespan might vary depending on personal usage patterns and maintenance.

Can the Braun Series 8 shaver be safely used in the shower?

Yes, the Series 8 shaver is suitable for both wet and dry use, meaning it can be safely utilized in the shower. This flexibility contributes to a comfortable and convenient shaving routine, whether you prefer a quick dry shave or a refreshing wet shave with foam or gel.

What are the distinctive features of the Braun Series 8 8467cc model?

The Braun Series 8 8467cc model is distinctive for its:

  • SmartCare Center: This feature cleans, charges, and lubricates the shaver.
  • Travel Case: A fabric travel case offers protection on the go.
  • Wet and Dry Shaving: This allows for versatility in your shaving routine.

These features aim to enhance the overall shaving experience, placing emphasis on both performance and convenience.

Are the blades for Braun Series 8 replaceable, and if so, how often should they be replaced?

The blades and foil of the Series 8 are indeed replaceable, which helps maintain peak performance. It is generally recommended to replace them every 18 months, yet this may vary based on use. Regular replacement ensures a close shave and extends the life of the shaver.

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