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Can you use Manscaped anywhere on your body?

Can you use Manscaped anywhere on your body?

Yes, you can use Manscaped almost anywhere on your body. However, it is essential to note that you should use a different blade on your body than below the waist. Additionally, avoid using Manscaped over open wounds. The Lawn Mower can be used safely and effectively on these body parts: The Lawn Mower can be […]

Can you use Manscaped without a guard?

Manscaped without a guard

Yes, you can use Manscaped without a guard. However, the chances of nicks and cuts are much higher. Manscaped products are designed for ease of use and safety. The company has spent countless hours developing products that reduce the chance of cuts or nicks when shaving. They call it SkinSafe Technology, which uses ceramic blades, […]

How to clean Manscaped?

How to clean Manscaped?

Cleaning the Manscaped trimmer is essential to ensure proper hygiene and performance. The following steps should be taken to clean Manscaped Lawn Mower after each use properly: Remove any remaining hair from the blade using a brush or cloth. Gently wipe away all visible debris. Disinfect the blade with rubbing alcohol. Wipe down the entire […]

Can you use Manscaped on your head?

Manscaped on head

Yes, Manscaped can be used for trimming your head. The Lawn Mower groomer is specifically designed to trim hair in sensitive areas but also works for this purpose. To shave your head with Manscaped, use the trimmer with the lowest guard setting to cut down the bulk of your hair. Then use a razor to […]

How close of a shave is Manscaped?

How close of a shave is manscaped

Manscaped Lawn Mower trimmer can cut down to 0.6mm, offering close shaved results with minimal risk of producing ingrown hairs as it is not a fixed razor blade. However, the Lawn Mower trimmer cannot provide as close of a shave as a traditional razor blade due to its “skin-safe” technology. To achieve close-shaved results, use […]

Is Manscaped good for pubic hair?

manscaped for pubic hair

Yes, Manscaped is good for pubic hair. They offer a range of products designed for delicate areas around the public region. The Lawn Mower is specifically designed to trim and maintain pubic hair. Manscaped products are designed with safety in mind so they can be used safely around sensitive areas. The company also has natural […]

Where is Manscaped made?

Where is Manscaped made?

Manscaped’s Lawn Mowers are made in China, but wet and consumable products are made in San Diego, California. Manscaped has an unwavering commitment to delivering the best products, evidenced by its strict in-house R&D team, whose mission is always to strive for quality without compromise. Their products are crafted with great care and attention to […]

Is Manscaped better wet or dry?

Manscaped wet or dry

Dry is better because dry trims generally tend to have more precise results, but using Manscaped on wet hair is better for you if you have sensitive skin. When your hair is wet, the trimming process will be very different. Your hair is longer and smoother in a shower environment than dry. This means that […]

Where is Manscaped based?

Manscaped company based

Manscaped is based in San Diego, California. 10054 Old Grove Rd, San Diego, CA 92131, United States. Founded in 2016 by Paul Tran, Manscaped has quickly become one of the leading providers of men’s grooming products and tools. With a mission to help men achieve their best-looking bodies and feel confident and self-assured, They offers […]

Can you share Manscaped?

Share Manscaped

No, you should not share Manscaped unless you change the blade heads between uses or disinfect the blades completely. This is because sharing Manscaped can potentially lead to the transmission of skin-eating bacteria, which could have serious health consequences. To prevent this from happening, it is important to keep your groomer clean and disinfected. This […]