Braun Series 8 [Detailed Review] 8370CC

Most men are loyal to their favourite shaver brand but if you want to try something new, Braun is one of the most trusted and familiar shaver brands that has survived a century. They have a large line of men’s shavers, but which one is right for you? One tip we can give you is that the Braun Series 8 Electric Shaver 8370CC makes a great daily shaver or makes a great gift for a loved one.

Top Braun Shaver Features

Most men can agree that what they need from a men’s shaver is that it provides a close shave, and that the shave is comfortable, not leaving the skin itchy or red afterwards. The Braun Series 8 Electric Shaver 8370CC delivers on these promises. You can use this shaver wet or dry, making it versatile. It always has a long battery life so you won’t need to charge it up once a day. If you’re a man who likes to let their beard grow for a bit, this shaver is still powerful enough to use on two to three day old beards. And there is also a handy cleaning station.

The Series 8

Series 8 has been created after the successful Braun Series 7 line, to address some faults with its predecessor. The Series 8 shaver takes the best features from the Series 5, 7, and 9 lines. The Series 8 has three shaving blades built within the shaving head. The middle head has the largest blades, with two blades with tiny holes on either side. These two outer Optifoils shave hair at the skin level. The inner middle trimmer is built with slits that capture and cut longer hairs, or those stubborn ones that lay flat against the skin.

The Series 8 shaver takes the best features from the Series 5, 7, and 9 lines.

Like most shavers in the Braun line, this shaver has been made in Germany, so you know that it’s high-quality, built with care, and not rushed out to market.

8D Flexible Shaving Head

One neat feature of the Braun Series 8 Electric Shaver 8370CC that you only see in higher end models of men’s shavers, (an essential feature), is the flexible shaving head. This head can move front to back.

While other shavers may move in other directions, this is actually all you really need. The shaver is already easy to use, and this added directional ability makes shaving much easier. All of these shaving features help to shave even the trickiest regions of your face.

Reliable Braun Technology

The Braun Series 8 Electric Shaver 8370CC has a motor that moves at 30,000 CPM (Cycles Per Minute), or 10,000 for each cutting blade.

Braun has trademarked their Sonic technology into this shaver. This means that not only do the foil blades trim the hair, but that these foils also vibrate. Together, they work to snip off the hairs much faster and easier.

Most high end shavers have a beard density shaver so Braun has also built one into this shaver. This sensor will adjust the power output of the motor so it will move faster or slower depending on hair thickness.

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Quality Rechargeable Battery

The Braun Series 8 Electric Shaver takes one hour to fully charge up. This gives you 60 full minutes of shaving time, so you’d only have to plug the shaver in for recharging on the weekends.

Since it’s cordless, this shaver can also be used wet or dry, but you should know that you can’t use the shaver when recharging, as its a built-in safety feature keeps you from accidentally being electrocuted.

Another neat feature is that if you forget to plug your Braun Series 8 Electric Shaver 8370CC into the wall for charging on the weekend, you can still shave on Monday morning. All it takes is a quick 5-minute charge. You can hop in the shower, then by the time you’re out, your shaver will be ready for a shave. But don’t forget to plug it in to recharge so you’re ready to go on Tuesday!

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Essential Cleaning & Charging Station

Braun simplifies the cleaning and charging process for you. Instead of opening up the shaver to dig out tiny hairs, you can place it head down into the automatic cleaning station. Your shaver will charge up while it gets fully cleaned out. The added lubrication cartridge will lubricate your shaver so it stays at optimum running speed.

Your shaver will charge up while it gets fully cleaned out.

Great Additional Features

A slide-out hair trimmer will help to keep you looking your best. The memory control unit is 32-bit MCU. There is a 5-level LED battery level indicator which will help to remind you when to plug your shaver in for charging. But if you forget, don’t worry, as there is that 5-minute quick charge feature.

Braun backs up their Braun Series 8 Electric Shaver 8370CC with a full 2-year warranty, and also a 60-day money back guarantee in case you’re not entirely satisfied.

Ergonomics and Quality Structure

The Braun Series 8 Electric shaver has a silver, black, and blue casing that makes it stand out from other men’s shaver brands. The shaver is made from plastic, making it durable and waterproof.

This shaver is similar to Braun’s other shaving lines, with the same dimensions that have been proven to work for men for over a century. The back of the shaver is black, with a rubber-like grip. This is to help you hold it, even when shaving with water, lotion, foam, or gel, to help prevent you from accidentally dropping it in the shower. But if you do, don’t worry, this shaver is durable.

Additional Accessories

In the box you’ll receive the the Braun Series 8 Electric shaver, the cleaning and charging station, power cord, manual, one cleaning cartridge, and a protective travel case.

It’s perfect for men with casual or business lifestyles.

Overall, the Braun Series 8 Electric Shaver 8370CC will make a great addition to your personal grooming kit. It’s perfect for men with casual or business lifestyles. It will help speed up what is a daily chore for most men, and keep you looking clean and perfect every day of the year.

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