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Best Cyber Monday Shaver Deals

Cyber Monday is on the way and it’s time to buy a new shaver. If you don’t think so, take a look at your old men’s shaver. Is it cordless and rechargeable? Most can also be used for wet and dry shaving. If yours lacks any of these abilities, it’s time to shop for a […]

Best Black Friday Shaver Deals

The Black Friday sales are on the way. The sales have been extremely popular in the USA, but have been catching on in many other countries around the world. This special sale is held on thousands of different websites and in online stores. The selection of merchandise and services is as extensive as your desires. […]

Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Skin

Many men ditch the blade because they can’t deal with the itchy red, sore skin that results. And having to shave day after day can be a unpleasant experience. That’s why men decide to try an electric cordless shaver. While an electric shaver can minimize discomfort, if you have sensitive skin you may also suffer […]

Finding a Great Beard Style for Your Face

Men can be just as concerned about their appearance as women can be. Men may only dabble a bit in cosmetics, so much of their time will be spent grooming their head of hair, facial hair, and finding the right outfit for the occasion. But men shouldn’t just grab the electric shaver and start carving […]

Best After Shave for Electric Razor

Most men are willing to take the extra steps necessary to have the smoothest cleanest shave possible with their cordless electric men’s shavers. This means shaving wet, with gels, foams, or creams. Once the shaving is done, the skin should be treated with a great men’s after shave. Not only does this soothe any itchy […]