Manscaped Humor-based marketing

Manscaped humor-based marketing

Manscaped is a unique company that creates innovative marketing campaigns based on humor. They have invented the concept of using humor to connect with their customers and make more loyal customers.

Manscaped is a good and fast-growing company founded in 2016 by Paul Tran. This pioneering business develops humorous marketing campaigns based on puns and other forms of humor. Their approach is highly effective, evidenced by the millions of loyal customers they have acquired over the years.

One of Manscaped’s unique selling points is its innovative use of social media to connect with its customers and promote its products. They are constantly posting quirky and humorous content on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which has helped them to establish a solid and loyal following.

Their unique approach to marketing and advertising is sure to get you noticed!

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What is Manscaped Humor-based marketing, and why is it so successful

By making fun of the issue at hand and poking light-heartedly at itself, Manscaped has created a strong relationship with its intended market. This self-deprecating sense of humor transmitted through their marketing campaign is something that many men can relate to, as most feel insecure about their excess body hair. By utilizing humor, Manscaped can connect with its customers in a way that resonates and establishes a positive brand association.

Examples of Manscaped Humor-based marketing campaigns

For instance, one marketing campaign showed a billboard in the middle of the ocean near Miami that read “Manscaped: got bush?” This stunt quickly went viral, which increased not only website traffic but also brand awareness.

Another example is one ad that spoofs The New York Times the title “The Manscaped Times” with the lead news story “We’re Going Pubic Public.”

By incorporating humor into their ads, Manscaped made their brand more relatable and approachable.

The benefits of using humor in your marketing

Brand awareness, customer engagement, and loyalty improve when you incorporate humor into your marketing campaign. If you want to stand out in your industry and connect with your target audience on a deeper level, then Manscaped Humor-based marketing is a perfect example.


  • By adding humor to your marketing campaign, you make it more likely that people will remember it, pay attention to it, and want to share it with others.
  • Differentiating your brand with humor can make you stand out from the competition and build customer trust.
  • The decision to use humor in your marketing campaign depends on how well it suits your brand and how much risk you’re comfortable taking.


  • However, it will backfire if humor is tasteless, offensive, or poorly timed.
  • Using humor can make some topics seem unimportant or not worth taking seriously.

Manscaped signs with Pete Davidson

As it prepares to go public later this year, Manscaped has announced Pete Davidson as a new brand ambassador and shareholder. Under the four-year agreement, the Saturday Night Live star will appear in sketches, campaigns, and other marketing activations explicitly tailored to the male grooming brand – all of which were showcased in a 30-second spot. In addition to being an advertising face for Manscaped, Davidson is now a company shareholder.

In the ad, Davidson uses various Manscaped products like The Lawn Mower 4.0 while giving his little commentary.

A long-term celebrity endorsement from Davidson could help Manscaped become more recognizable before its public debut. Additionally, this helps to solidify our positioning around edgy humor, which has been a critical element of our brand strategy thus far.

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