What is Manscaped’s Peak Hygiene Plan?

Manscaped's Peak Hygiene Plan

The Manscaped Peak Hygiene Plan is a monthly subscription service that delivers blades and other grooming products to subscribers.

The service was created to make it easy for users to stay stocked up on grooming supplies and to receive new products regularly. The flexible plan allows users to schedule deliveries that fit their needs. In addition, the service comes with a Platinum Warranty and new membership perks. The Manscaped Peak Hygiene Plan is an easy and affordable way to keep your grooming supplies fresh and up-to-date.

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The benefits of a Manscaped subscription plan

  • With the Peak Hygiene Plan, you get exclusive deals in the Manscaped VIP section.
  • You also get exclusive access to limited special offers and products.
  • You get Platinum Warranty.
  • Replacement blades help reduce the risk of nicks and cuts.
  • Select any two new product month by month.
  • Flexible schedule means you can control precisely when your grooming supplies arrive.

How to change the Manscaped Peak Hygiene Plan?

If you want to adjust your Manscaped Peak Hygiene Plan:

Log in to your account on the Manscaped website. Then select from the following actions:

Change your Peak Hygiene Plan

To change your product, click the change button on top of it.

Change shipping frequency

To change shipping frequency, Choose how often you want to get shipments using the drop-down menu. The frequency can be anywhere from one month to twelve months.

Select the shipping date

The date picker allows you to choose which day of the month you want your shipments delivered. You can change this preference at any time.

Change your details, shipping address, or billing information

Click ‘Manage Plan’ to change your shipping or payment information.

Skip any shipment

To skip one shipment, click the Skip this shipment button.

How to cancel Manscaped Peak Hygiene Plan subscription?

To cancel Peak Hygiene Plan subscription:

  1. Log in to your Manscaped account.
  2. Select the “manage plan” option from the top right menu.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu.
  4. Click on the “cancel plan” option.

What is the MANSCAPED Platinum Warranty?

The Manscaped Platinum Warranty comes with the Peak Hygiene Plan assures members that their Lawn Mower or Weed Whacker trimmer will be replaced if anything goes wrong. (You can only file one warranty claim within 12 months.)

What products can you choose with the Peak Hygiene Plan?

With the Peak Hygiene Plan, you can access various Manscaped grooming products. These include trimmers and blades, shaving creams and lotions, body washes, and more.

These products are:

Body Wash 16 oz.

Daily Shower Gel

2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner 16 oz.

Hair Wash & Conditioner

Hydrating Body Spray

Spray-on Hydration


Premium Odor Protection

Lip Balm

Lip Care

Crop Cleanser®

Groin Wash

Body Wash 8 oz.

Daily Shower Gel

2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner 8 oz.

Hair Wash & Conditioner


Eau De Toilette

Crop Preserver™

Anti-Chafing Ball Deodorant

Crop Reviver™

Ball Spray Toner

Crop Mop™

Ball + Butt + Body Wet Wipes

Foot Duster™

Foot Deodorant

Crop Gel

Clear Groin Shaving Gel

Crop Exfoliator™

Gentle Exfoliant for the Groin

Crop Shaver Replacement Blade

Set of 3

Lawn Mower™ Replacement Blade

With SkinSafe™ Technology

Weed Whacker™ Replacement Blade

With SkinSafe™ Technology

Boxers 1.0 One Pack

Performance Boxer Briefs

Boxers 2.0 One Pack

Premium Ultra Soft Boxer Briefs

How long do Manscaped blades last?

According to the company, Manscaped blades last for three months.

Depending on how frequently and roughly you groom, Manscaped blades need to be replaced at different intervals. The blade lasts for an entire year for those who use it occasionally. If you’re using it daily, plan to replace your blades monthly.

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