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For many men it can take time to look their best in the morning. That can include a well-groomed scalp and face, but also the chest and groin regions of their bodies. Even if you can’t see it, it can make a man feel more confident in knowing that they’re clean and well-shaved.

It’s also summer, and trimming the hair all over your body can make you feel cooler. But that leaves the problem of how to remove hair from the lower regions of your body. You may have already used your facial shaver, or a plain razor. But there is something that has been designed for only the groin regions of a man’s body – The Manscaped 4.0 Electric Groin Hair Trimmer Lawn Mower.

What is the Lawn Mower 4.0?

Manscaped has been working on its groin shavers for a few years now. This year’s release is the 4.0 and much better than their 3.0. After collecting together reviews they have utilized the feedback to better improve this personal trimming appliance to create a high-quality product.

Unique Appearance to Make it Fun to Use

….it can stand upright in its special black “wave-like” stand

Most of us have small bathrooms with little storage space. A man has to find a way of storing all his personal grooming supplies. Sometimes the best solution is to keep them on the bathroom counter. But you don’t want unsightly items up there, particularly if you have guests or maintenance people visiting.

One of the most noticeable features of the Electric Groin Hair Trimmer is that it has a unique futuristic black appearance that makes it appear to be a work of art. And even better, it can stand upright in its special black “wave-like” stand. Now you’ll feel happy and proud to have your personal groin trimmer on display!

100% Waterproof Groin Hair Trimmer

…if you accidentally drop it into the water, it will be fine

When you’re shaving your groin region you need all the help you can get. That’s why you can use shaving creams and foams with this trimmer, as well as water, and you can do it in the shower, making it much easier to clean up afterwards. This hair trimmer has also been IPX7 rated, meaning that if you accidentally drop it into the water, it will be fine. It’s protected against immersion for up to one metre of regular tap water, and for up to 30 minutes of time.

Safe Shaving in Delicate Regions

Most men would balk at using a sharp razor in their private regions, but this Manscaped 4.0 hair trimmer has been designed with advanced SkinSafe technology. This means that it won’t scratch you or tug or pull out hairs. It’s gentle but effective at shaving or trimming hairs down to your desired length below the waistline.

It’s gentle but effective.

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There are ceramic blades built into the Manscaped groin trimmer. These have been precision-engineered so you can have a safe but comfortable shave. It’s recommended you replace the ceramic blades once a year so that you can continue to enjoy your hair trimmer in the years ahead.

How Does the Hair Trimmer Work?

…works on either rechargeable battery power for in the shower, or the included power cord for dry shaving

This 8-ounce hair trimmer works on either rechargeable battery power for in the shower, or the included power cord for dry shaving. It’s not only cordless and waterproof, but can easily be rechargeable with a USB plug or other type of wireless charging pad (if you’re out camping for instance). During charging, the light will blink. The trimmer will charge up when it’s in the dock through a wireless charging process.

The energy gets transferred to the dock through electromagnetic induction. When you’re using your trimmer the light will be solid. You’ll have up to 90 minutes of body hair trimming time before you need to plug it back in again. There is also a travel safety lock so that you won’t lose your charging power if you pack it in your luggage or backpack.

Protective Hair Guards

…trim your personal hair down to a specific length for a more natural look

Included in the kit are also two different trimming guards. These give you the option to choose if you wish to simply trim your personal hair down to a specific length for a more natural look, rather than shaving it right down to the skin. The guards also give you a safe way to trim so you no longer have to use scissors and worry about stabbing or scratching yourself in a sensitive part of the body. They’ll also give you the ability to shave your hair down to an even length, no matter if it’s the left side or the right side. The hair guards can also be adjusted from size 1 and up to 4.

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High-Quality Motor

The Manscaped 4.0 Lawn Mower has a high-quality motor that promises to trim quickly but safely. It has 7000 RPMs with QuietStroke technology so that it won’t be excessively noisy while turned on. You’ll get a quick shave even if you have super thick hair.

What Features Differ in this 4.0 Model?

Sometimes manufacturers do few upgrades for the latest release but that’s not the case with the Manscaped Electric Groin Hair Trimmer 4.0. They have created a wireless charging system for convenience. There is also protection so you can’t overcharge it and damage the trimmer. There are indicators for both power and to let you know when it’s charging, as well as how much power is left (tri-level).

The trimmer itself has many unique features, including a 4000K LED spotlight with diffuser. It’s simpler to turn it on by holding down the power button for three seconds, or to turn it off. There are the two adjustable trimmer guards in the 4.0, with trimmer sizes of 1 to 4. There aren’t too many options for quality grooming below the waist that are effective and safe. If you’ve been seeking a better solution to shaving your groin, consider buying the Manscaped 4.0 Lawn Mower. Soon you’ll be feeling cool and confident in knowing that you look your best!

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