Limural Hair Clippers Barber’s Grooming Kit

If you’re searching for hair clippers for men, the Limural Hair Clippers for Men Professional Cordless Clippers for Hair Cutting Beard Trimmer Barbers Grooming Kit is worth taking a look at. It has everything you need to trim your hair at home, so you can save money, and keep you and your family safe and healthy. The Limural is built with a powerful rotary motor that promises higher speed but without pulling your hair. You can use it to trim your hair or your beard. It’s suitable for men’s hair, or to trim kid’s or toddler’s hair too.

Full Grooming Kit Options

The Limural hair clippers have a distinctive silver metal colour, with a large LED readout screen at the bottom to tell you the power status. These clippers are for dry usage only, but do run cordless and are rechargeable.

…run cordless and are rechargeable

Besides the clippers, there is a black barber’s cape in the kit, a USB power charging cord, six trim length hair combs, a small brush and small comb, and a bottle of lubricating oil. The six comb guard attachments will leave hair length at 3/6/10/13/16/19mm or 0.5-20.7mm.

Rechargeable Battery

…low noise makes it suitable to trim young children’s hair too

The Limural hair clippers run on cordless power. One full charge will give you five hours of running time. The battery has been designed for long cordless life.

You can use the included USB cable to charge it up. The low noise makes it suitable to trim young children’s hair too, with a minimum of fuss.

Unique Digital Display

Most men’s clippers don’t have a unique digital display but the Limural ones do. This one is located on the front bottom of the hair clippers. It’s a square that lights up.

At the top is the percentage of power left. Beneath that is an indicator to let you know that it’s time to oil the clippers. To the right of that is a charging reminder to let you know that it’s time to plug in.

Quality Limural Blades

…making it easier for the clippers to work smoothly

In order to provide safe hair trimming, the blades within the Limural hair clippers need to stay sharp and effective. These blades are built to be wear-resistant, so they stay sharp but safe. The teeth on the blades are tightly lined up to each other, making it easier for the clippers to work smoothly, without tugging on hair.

There is also a blade adjustment lever on the hair clippers so you can trim to the hair length that you desire. You have the option to choose taper levels from 1 mm to 1.7 mm. If you choose to trim to a longer hair length, you can snap on one of six hair trimming combs.

If you’re ready to trim your hair at home with quality men’s hair clippers, add the Limural Hair Clippers to your shopping cart.

You’ll be pleased at both its looks and its quality shaving experience.

Limural Hair Clippers Barber’s Grooming Kit

Limural Hair Clippers Barber’s Grooming Kit





Battery life


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