Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System Review

Braun is a well-respected German electronics and personal product maker. Their Pulsonic Shaver System is a popular choice with consumers. The 790cc features an elegant noble metal grey color, in a foil-style shaver, with a separate black charging, renewing, and cleaning station. The Braun Pulsonic has been called the “world’s number one shaver brand” by a leading market research institute.

The Pulsonic costs more money than a standard shaver, but you’re paying for a well-designed and well-made cordless electric shaver, that should last years with the proper maintenance. The Braun Pulsonic is from their premium shaving line. It offers men the ultimate grooming experience.

Pulsonic Shaver System


The 790cc is top of the line in the Pulsonic line, packed with more features than the 390cc, or the 590cc. This Braun differs from the 720s line as it has the Clean and Renew system. The Braun Pulsonic foil shaver is designed to work with sideways movements to the skin, instead of circular movements like with a rotary shaver.

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Braun Series 7- 790cc Appearance

braun-series-7-sonic-technologyYou’ll be pleased at how well the Braun fits in your hands. The grip is smooth and ergonomic. On each side of the shaver are two lengthy sections of black rubber, to enable you to grip your shaver more securely. This grip also enables you to keep hold of the shaver, even if you’re shaving with water, soap, or shaving gels or creams.

The foil-style shaver sits above the base. This allows it to pivot and flex independently of the shaver body.

On the lower third of the shaver is a circular button with blue circle in the middle. There are two power levels: + and – so that you can choose your shaver speed.

Something you may not have seen on any shaver before is that at the very bottom of the shaver is a battery status indicator and a cleaning indicator. You can simply flip your shaver over to see these levels on its flat bottom. This is a colourful indicator system. At a glance you’ll see how much power is left in your shaver. Your shaver will also let you know when it’s time to place it into the cleaning station.

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Best Braun Series 7- 790cc Features

braun-series-7-waterproofThis shaver is completely waterproof, and totally washable. It’s possible to rinse the shaver under the tap between usages, but you can use the cleaning unit for easy cleaning as well. The shaver has a fully sealed body, so you can bring this shaver into the shower if you wish. No moisture will penetrate the casing to ruin the inner mechanics. If you’re seeking the best shave, Braun recommends that you shave first thing in the morning, before washing your face, or taking a shower.

The Braun Series 7 allows you to choose three different settings, so you can customize the shaver to your facial hair, or for when your beard has different growth lengths. The three personalization modes vary from sensitive to normal, to intensive. The Pulsonic foil shaver is built with a linear motor.

The foil shaving head on the Braun Series 7 features a fully flexible shaving system that moves and adapts to individual facial skin. There are two Optifoils in the shaver. One is on each side of the ActiveLift trimmer, so there are three rows of cutting foils. The Braun Optifoil promises the closest shave over other Braun shavers, or other brand names. The Optifoil is built with a unique design that’s made to snip off more hair at once time, and to trim closer to the skin. The head is contour adapting, so that it will shave easily over jaw line, and down the neck. The two Optifoils are going to be the ones that deliver that final finishing touch to your shaving.

Series 7-790ccThe Pulsonic is built with a triple action cutting system. The foil is built with three different cutting elements to trim the shortest hair, to the longest hair. What one doesn’t get, the other one will, leaving the face soft and smooth.

This Braun shaver is made with intelligent sonic technology. As you’re shaving, it will automatically increase in power over denser patches of your beard.

The Pulsonic is built to have 10,000 micro vibrations per minute that will capture hair with each stroke of the unit. Short, or ingrown hairs are easily captured and shaved down by a built-in middle trimmer. This technology is called Activelift, and is the only patented middle trimmer that can grasp flat lying hairs. This shaver delivers a thorough shave, decreasing the likelihood that the shaver will need to be repeatedly moved over the same location of skin again and again. Although these micro vibrations are a bit noisy, overall the shaver is not too loud.

Short, or ingrown hairs are easily captured

The Braun Series 7 Pulsonic 790cc is designed to provide a comfortable shave, easing discomfort, and without the tugging of hairs. Shaver burn and redness will be at a minimum after shaving with this particular shaver.


The shaver has an LCD display, so you will know exactly when the battery needs to be recharged, how long it will take to recharge, and whether it needs to be placed in the unit for a cleaning. The LCD display on this shaver is the most advanced when compared to the other shavers in the Braun shaver line.

Braun Shaver Cleans Itself

What makes this Pulsonic shaver exceptional, is the additional cleaning, conditioning, and charging unit. The process is simple. After a morning shave the Pulsonic can be placed in the unit. With a press of a button, the unit will clean the shaver, provide lubrication to keep it in perfect operating condition, and dry it. It will then be charged up and ready for the next shave.

clean the shaver, dry it and charged up


The Clean and Renew system requires the use of cleaning cartridges. The cleaning cartridges are made with a clear plastic where you can actually see the blue cleaning fluid inside. These cartridges have an unusual tooth-shaped design so they can easily be inserted into the cleaning unit. These cartridges use an alcohol-based cleaning solution, which removes 99.999% of most germs from the surface of the cutting blades on the shaver. This will prevent future skin infections and irritation. The cleaning solution contains a natural lubricant, which will keep the mechanics of your shaver in its best running order. The cleaning solution has a pleasant fresh lemon scent. There is a Fast Clean option on this unit that makes cleaning fast, particularly if one has forgotten to do it the morning before.

removes 99.999% of most germs

This cleanser will also remove those minute stubble hairs that can affect the performance of your shaver. In order to keep your cleaning and charging unit working at optimum performance, you should replace the refill cartridge at least once every three months. These cartridges are sold in packs of three and cost around $20. It’s a small investment in keeping your Braun shaver constantly looking and operating just like a brand new shaver.

Additional Braun Shaver Features

Additional features on the Braun 790cc include a precision long hair trimmer to trim mustache, sideburns, and beard more accurately. To access this trimmer, there is the word “Trimmer” right on front of the shaver, with some graduated lines. Press up on these and your pop-up trimmer will be exposed. Simply snap into place after you’ve trimmed your hair.

Is the Series 7 Worth the Price?

Series 7-790ccThe Braun Pulsonic 7 – 790cc is a bit pricier than your average shaver, but it does include the cleaning and charging unit, so you’re actually getting more for your money. In each box you’ll be getting the Braun Series 7 – 790cc shaver, one Clean and Renew charging system, a cleaning brush, one SmartPlug, a Clean and Renew cartridge to get you started, and a protective travel pouch for safe transport.

Purchase Refills & Replacement Parts Easily

Additional accessories are available for purchase. Replacement foil and cutters are available, as well as Clean and Renew system four pack refills. Clean and Renew cartridges should be changed once every two or three months, or when the unit notifies you that it needs to be done. Cutter parts should be replaced every 18 months, to guarantee the optimum use of your Braun electric shaver.

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Why You Should Buy the Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System

The Braun Series 7 Pulsonic shaver is for men who treat shaving seriously. These are men who need to look their best for work, and don’t want to have to fight with a finicky shaver. The cleaning and charging unit makes the chore simple. There isn’t any rinsing under the tap and scrubbing with a tiny brush, unless you don’t mind doing so between charging times. You’ll be pleased with at how well the Braun Pulsonic performs.

one of the best product

Your purchase of the Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System is going to be one of the best products you’ve gotten this year. Your Braun shaver is made with quality, and with the proper performance and upkeep, it will provide you with a great shaving experience for several years ahead.


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Braun Series 7- 790cc

Braun Series 7- 790cc





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